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Introducing our line of
Wag More! Newfoundlands! 

Why Newfoundlands?

There was a period of time my mother bred Newfies with the same goal in mind: producing ideal family dogs that are true to what the breed is SUPPOSED to be, avoiding all the drool and health issues. 

As a trainer for almost the last decade, I've worked with a LOT of dogs! At the end of the day, I always come back to this amazing breed for their temperament and big bear aesthetic. I truly believe they are one of the best companion animals out there, so I'm following suit to start building a beautiful Newf line of my own!

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Annie Oakley!

Annie is the sweetest, most affectionate brown and white Newfoundland that we're very excited to start our WM Line with. She is UKC certified and has done all of her OFA testing and certifications to ensure she isn't just passing on her good looks, she's helping us build a healthy and happy lineage! We are also proud to be working with the top Newfoundland breeder in the nation to provide the best stud contribution we could find. Our goal is to breed evenly tempered family dogs with minimal drooling, tight faces to mitigate eye issues, athletic builds, and strong genetics for a good, long life. 


Upcoming Breeding!

Annie is due to go into season July 2024, check back or join our newsletter to get updates about the next breeding! Stud has yet to be determined, but will most likely be with "Newfoundland Warriors" out of North Carolina. 

Newfy Care:

These dogs may be known for having an easy going personality, but they are NOTHING but low maintenance. Deciding to add a Newfoundland to your family means you need to be prepared for an XL dog with specific needs and monetary requirements. Things to take into account:

Grooming - With their large double coat, it's important to stay on top of intensive grooming to ensure they don't end up with mats or skin issues. If you'd like to take up the task on your own, click the link to the right to learn more about the typical routine for regular grooming. If you'd rather use a professional, be prepared for a hefty bill of $180 - $300 per groom. Newfies also "Blow their Coat" several times a year with the changes in weather, and trust me when I say there isn't a vacuum in the world that can keep up!

Feeding & Supplements - With big breeds come big bags of food! While they're growing from puppy to majestic adults, they can eat up to 6+ cups a day! Obviously, we recommend high quality foods to ensure the longevity of your dog, but there are also supplements to consider throughout their life that prolong joint, digestive, heart, skin & coat health. All of this combined can really add up, so ensure you're ready to give them EVERYTHING they need! Click the link to the right to see what MY doggos get as a recommendation. 

Exercise - Just like all other dogs, keeping your Newfoundland active and well exercised is beyond important! Yes, they're typically known to be pretty laid back and low energy dogs, but during their adolescent years they can still be pretty rambunctious! The difference? THEY'RE HUGE! So be prepared for a 100 pound puppy that will need to play and romp like the rest of them. The lineage that we are specifically building is more of an athletic and active Newf to promote a healthier lifestyle for them, much like the original breed that was used as a working animal. Curious what they can be used for besides therapy and service dogs? Click the link and get an idea of some fun things you could do!

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