Hi, I'm Britt!

My name is Brittany and Wag More has been a dream of mine for a while. With the help of my personal pack, I find great satisfaction helping mold dogs and their families into a balanced and cohesive unit! Here's a little info on me and the experience I have that qualifies me to help you and your dog!

I've always had a passion for animals, especially the troubled ones, since I was little. Our home was full of broken and rescued pets of all shapes and sizes that pulled at my young heartstrings. Fast forward and I was working full time at a local vet clinic and volunteering in shelters when I decided being a veterinarian wasn't my calling. After some soul searching, I rescued a pup that ended up being very mentally troubled so I hired my first dog trainer. My life CHANGED! I was amazed and from that moment forward I hit the ground running learning everything I could to make a difference for other families and struggling dogs. 

I've been fostering for years now, specifically pulling dogs from kill lists and the threat of euthanasia due to behavioral issues. I've worked as a trainer for local shelters and rescue groups providing helping with dogs that are considered un-adoptable. I've read countless books from some of the top trainers in the world as well as intensive research in behavioral modification. I've worked with some other amazing trainers through the years learning many different techniques for different dogs. I spent time working with a large training facility where I learned more about the stressors dogs go through emotionally with certain types of training, those of which I avoid now. Over the past 8 years I've attended and completed several training conferences and certifications including the big ones: 

*The Emotional World of Dogs: New Insights into Behavior and Training  

*Dr. Chris Pachel's Great Big Dog Behavior Workshop!​ by BADDogsInc *I am licensed to perform the AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Evaluation, CGCU (Urban Canine Good Citizen) Evaluation, AKC Community Canine Evaluation, and teach the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program.  ​I truly believe that the majority of issues between people and dogs are based on a lack of communication. Let's face it, we speak two VERY different languages! I've spent the years learning to read and 'talk to' dogs in a way they can understand while teaching them how to appropriately communicate what they want and need as well. With my background in behavioral work, bridging the gap in communication makes everyone happier, and in turn, more well behaved! Mutual respect between owner and pup are imperative for a successful life together as well as patience and understanding. I love bringing dogs in and seeing the transformation as they learn to be the best version of themselves. I want to teach you all to coexist in a fun and manageable way! 


The Pack!



This handsome boy is about 5 years old and is solid as a rock. At 130 pounds he's a true gentle giant, not a care in the world. He is wonderful when it comes to teaching other dogs stability since he exudes a calm and relaxed demeanor. Dunkel is non reactive to dogs with attitude but sets firm boundaries with do's and don'ts in the household.


This kid was a rescue from a shelter when he was about a year old. I took him in feral and highly human reactive, oh boy he may have been my toughest case to date! Underneath it all, he is the sweetest goofball and has become my right hand pup! He does fantastic working with other dogs on obedience and body language. Pilsner is playful and corrects inappropriate behavior like a pro, but is confident and often becomes a leader for nervous and anxious dogs. At 6 years old, I still lovingly refer to him as "My Crazy" haha.



This sweet girl officially joined the family in fall of 2021! She’s a 4 year old English Shepherd that originally came to us as an at risk foster dog for behavioral training. After only a few weeks, we realized she was a perfect addition to our family (even though she is still working through some issues) and officially adopted her as one of our own! Dipa has become great with other dogs and is the most playful of our personal pups, but enjoys her personal space and has no problem laying down respectful boundaries. 


Yes. We have a cat in all this pandemonium! Our girl Shiraz is super dog friendly and can often be found teasing the pups through the staircase or perched on the back of the couch enduring muzzle bumps from curious pups. She also functions as a GREAT distraction while working on impulse control and obedience around the house!