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Board and Train Programs

How are our programs different? Well, every program is run out of our personal home rather than a training facility full of kennels. This makes it a less stressful environment for your pup as well as providing more real life practice for things you'd like addressed in YOUR home. It also means that in our down time between training, you dog has plenty of space in our massive backyards and home to run, play, or snuggle watching some Netflix! They are also integrated with our personal pack to ensure they get time practicing social cues, confidence building, and learn appropriate boundaries.

*I strongly support local rescue groups and shelters, so all dogs adopted through a rescue or shelter receive discounts on programs if booked within 6 months of adoption!*

Standard B & T


Your pup comes into my home and becomes part of the family! They spend the next 3 weeks living in an immersive training experience while taking regular "field trips" to work on stability in the real world. We go EVERYWHERE! Parks, pet stores, trails, the beach, farmer's markets, you name it and we'll be there. Exposing them to so many distractions while practicing basic obedience will ensure you're getting a bomb-proof dog back! While they are with me, they learn a set of basic obedience commands paired with hand signals and verbal cues. This is something that is customizable based on what you want to accomplish with your dog. The best part? By the end your furry friend can be completely OFF LEASH RELIABLE! Can you imagine going for a run on your favorite trail, having a picnic in the park, or walking down the beach without the hassle of holding a leash? Ya, we can do that! Don't worry, I'll spend a couple of hours with you at the end to make sure you feel ready to move forward with everything your pup has learned! I also offer follow ups and refreshers if needed to ensure you feel comfortable with everything moving forward after the program is finished.

Black Dog

Behavioral Modification


Is your dog getting uncomfortable to handle in certain situations? With this 4+ week in-home Board and Train program, your pup will get a full behavioral analysis and customized plan to work through their specific issues. They go out in public and learn how to respond to different situations while being under control, respectful, and relaxed. Aggression, anxiety, and reactivity cases are often caused by some mental unbalance they are trying (unsuccessfully) to fix themselves. I teach them the tools to be OK and look to you for guidance rather than react inappropriately. You will get extensive training at the end to work through specific scenarios and continued training with your pup. There is a gem of a dog in there, I'm here to help them get there and return to you more of the dog you know and love.

Puppy B & T


This program is designed to get your little one started in the right direction! Your pup comes to stay in our home for 2 weeks while we focus on confidence building, impulse control, exposure, desensitization, socialization, into to basic obedience, and of course addressing some of the pesky puppy problems people face! When you little stinker comes back home, we load you up with knowledge to continue helping them become a well rounded adult dog moving forward. This package can also be combined with the Standard B & T for a discounted price if you'd like to continue more advanced training as they get older!


*With that in mind, this package is only designed for dogs that are between 14 and 22 weeks old. Age appropriate vaccines are required!      

Cute Puppy

A little bit more...

I know you're gonna miss them!

That's why you will get daily Pupdates to keep you in the loop on what we did that day, how your dog is doing, all the nitty gritty details (feeding and potty report), and of course pictures and videos! I am constantly available to contact for any questions or concerns and promptly communicate to satisfy the needs of you and your dog. I promise I will always have your pup's best interest in mind, as long as they are with me they are family!

*Ask about discounts! I offer doggie siblings, military, and local heroes options to show my gratitude for your business.   

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