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Wag More! Dog Training

Because training should be fun!

I provide high quality dog training with the end goal of creating a more mentally balanced pup as well as a more confident and relaxed owner! When everyone is happy, my job is done.

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Welcome to my Home

I provide only the best for your furry family member, because that's what they are, family! So when they enter my home they become a part of mine. My personal pack helps them along the way while they are treated with compassion, understanding, patience, and of course, LOVE! We work in the real world learning how to cope and behave in every kind of situation so your companion can learn to enjoy every day with you, stress free (on both sides).


My Services


Board and Train

Your dog stays with me in my home for a set amount of time to get an immersive learning experience! You get a trained dog back with a solid foundation and lessons for YOU on how to maintain their newfound skills. The best part? They get to live a Leashless Life with the freedom to  explore while having the trust to come when called!


Behavioral Modification

Sometimes, our dogs just need a little more. If the behavioral issues are getting extreme, it's time to get your troubled dog to a stable and manageable place! Through an advanced in home Board and Train routine, your pup will be kept safe while working through their personal issues with guidance and kindness.



Sometimes you just need some pointers to get the ball rolling, so I am more than happy to meet up at your home or a local area to work with you and your dog! Everything from puppy intro, basic obedience, socializing, or some advanced behavioral stuff you wanna nip in the bud, give me a call and see how I can help!


"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen."

-Orhan Pamuk


Happy Clients!

Britt is a wonderful trainer that puts time and love into every dog she trains! She understands every dog is different and takes the time to find out what works for each dog. She's super honest and fun and both you and your dog will enjoy working with her!!!

Morgan Bunker (Spectrum K9 owner/Trainer)

if it's quality dog training that you are looking for, Brittany is your answer. She has the knowledge and passion it takes to get the job done. Her love for dogs and want for them to have a happy, balanced life is what makes her such a good match for any dog that needs a little redirect. So if you're looking for balance and harmony between you and your pets, Brittany is definitely the one for the job.

Dawn Vierra (Newfoundland Owner)

Britt is one of the most knowledgeable people I've ever met when it comes to the health, safety, and training of animals. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and was in charge of keeping my extremely hyperactive "flower dog" calm and comfortable during the ceremony and reception. My dog has never been super comfortable in large groups, but felt secure when Britt was handling her and we had no issues! I couldn't be more thankful for this amazing woman and all of the work that she does.

Anna Pidlypchak-Santoro (Heeler Owner)

Brittany is the perfect combination of instinct, training and compassion.  She listens to owners AND their dogs to determine the best course of action for both.  Her work with rescues has honed her skills and enhanced her experience.

Karen Johnson (PawsGo Volunteer)

I cannot recommend Brittany enough for all of your dog training needs. Everything she does stems from a deep love of animals, and your furry family members could not be in better hands. Brittany almost immediately fixed all of our leash issues and helped to restore confidence in previously anxious and insecure dogs. I can now fully trust both of my 70+ lb dogs off leash and with my infant. We could not be more grateful for her knowledge and expertise.


Devyn Shafer (Pitbull Owner)

Brittany is the most reliable, hardworking, and understanding of dog trainers. She knows that there isn't only one way to train. She has many tools and resources under her belt and doesn't give up. She addresses each dog individually and will address the root cause of an issues, unlike some trainers who just put a bandaid on bad behaviors. She's compassionate about helping your animal and truly only wants what's best for them. She doesn't hold back and will give you her honest opinion. She will work with you to provide the best training so that you and your pet are happy and stress free. Brittany's passion for training is unlike anything I have ever witnessed, she truly is the best! She has helped me when my rescue dog showed aggressive behaviors towards other dogs. Brittany gave me the tools I needed to make my dog as well as other dogs safe in public spaces. She helped me understand my dog's limitations due to her abusive past.

Anna Lowell (Pitbull owner)


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