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Wag More! Dog Training

Because training should be fun!

We provide high quality dog training with the end goal of creating a more mentally balanced pup as well as a more confident and relaxed owner! When everyone is happy, our job is done.

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Welcome to our Home

We provide only the best for your furry family member, because that's what they are, family! So when they enter our homes they become a part of ours. Our personal packs of dogs helps them along the way while they are treated with compassion, understanding, patience, and of course, LOVE! We work in the real world learning how to cope and behave in every kind of situation so your companion can learn to enjoy every day with you, stress free (on both sides).

Our Services


Your dog stays with a trainer in their home for a set amount of time to get an immersive learning experience! You get a trained dog back with a solid foundation and lessons for YOU on how to maintain their newfound skills. The best part? They get to live a Leashless Life with the freedom to  explore while having the trust to come when called!


Sometimes, our dogs require a little more. If the behavioral issues are getting extreme, it's time to get your troubled dog to a stable and manageable place! Through an advanced in home Board and Train routine or in depth private lessons, your pup will be kept safe while working through their personal issues with guidance and kindness.

Dog Walk

Sometimes you just need some pointers to get the ball rolling, so we are more than happy to meet up at your home or a local area to work with you and your dog! Everything from puppy intro, basic obedience, socializing, or some advanced behavioral stuff you wanna nip in the bud, give us a call and see how we can help!


Britt is an AKC Evaluator for several Certifications your dog can title in! These merits are great to have on your dog's record, plus it's another reason to brag about how genuinely GOOD they are! Reach out today and schedule your test! 




* Trick Dog (Levels 1-3)

dog speak_edited.jpg

"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen."

-Orhan Pamuk

Happy Clients!

Catriona Delgado

Brittany was a god send when it came to training our very sassy and stubborn German Shepard puppy. After just one private lesson we knew that she had a love for dogs and was very knowledgeable about dog psychology and behaviors. So we decided that we would have Lola boarded and trained by Brittany. After three weeks we got a dog back that was well behaved, we could take around other dogs and people, was less reactive, was a much better listener. It has been so much easier to continue to work with Lola after all the hard work Brittany dedicated to her.

Terence Sweat

Very pleased with the service that was provided. My pup was not disciplined and he could not contain his impulses when around my 2 year old or in public. We constantly were shielding our company from our pup because he was uncontainable. In just 3 weeks that has all changed. During those 3 weeks I received daily videos and messages of the training my pup was doing, where he was having trouble the most, and what she was doing to work on it. Our 8 month old pup has now learned to control those impulses and his decision making when around strangers and our toddler. New training mechanisms has been implemented to control how he interacts with other people and dogs. Highly recommend these services to any and all fur parents. My family can now fully enjoy our pup!!

Meghan Carr

Brittany came over for a private session when I first got my new rescue pup and I was truly blown away by her training skills. She is extremely professional and has a wealth of knowledge from puppies to all ages. She helped me build some foundations for training a new puppy and gave me the encouragement and confidence to get my pup where she needed to be! My Winnie is doing so great and I’m really glad I chose Brittany to help me through the process! One of the best trainers around. Highly highly recommend!

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